Latest News from Frank’s


Franks Diner offers a rare photo with no cars in the parking lot.  Well, it is midnight and the restaurant has been closed since 9pm.  It was time for everyone to head out to where ever it was they were going.  But never fear, we are open at 6am every morning! Franks...

Come join the fantastic Franks Diner Crew!

We are open from 6am to 9pm daily.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are dedicated to family.  Please join us the day before, or after.  We look forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations.

Life is a train, get on board!

  Everyday is a journey in fun at Franks Diner.  Our crew find true joy in preping, cooking, and serving travelers and locals alike.  Let us know wht YOU think.  We would love to hear your comments.

We love kids!

We offer a wonderful childrens menu plus most of our meals come in two sizes. Bring the kids and enjoy the ride.

Our chefs are amazing!

Our trained chefs like to be creative as well as predictable.  Just look at the face on this guy!  We purchase local, sustainable products like thick smoked bacon, jumbo eggs, Fresh crisp hashbrowns and more whenever possible.  – the Franks Diner way to eat breakfast...

Wolfgang puts Shame to Other Chicken Pot Pies!

Chicken Pot Pie As Made By Chef Wolfgang Puck Reminds me of how Frank's makes our Turkey Pot Pie that we serve in a grilled Artisan Bread Bowl.

Stop by for a Warm Winter Breakfast!

WERE NOT ALWAYS on a wait - -  🙂 Franks Diner is Open 6am to 9pm all year long.  We are closed Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.